Why LG?

LG is everywhere you are.
At home, at work or at play.

Your home should be a haven. With LG HVAC products, you can apply zoned heating and cooling where needed to effortlessly balance indoor temperature and humidity for whole home comfort year-round.

LG Efficiency LG Efficiency


Higher standards for better economics.

LG has solutions that are proudly ENERGY STAR® certified and go hand in hand with delivering some of the industry's best efficiency. Our innovative LG inverter variable-speed outdoor units are measurably quieter and use less energy than conventional air conditioners. And come purchase time, local and regional rebates up to $2500 can help reduce upfront costs.

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Looks as great as it runs.

Only LG can turn an air conditioning solution into a work of art. With the award-winning design of the ARTCOOL Gallery, you can customize your indoor unit with a framed image of your choice. And our ARTCOOL Mirror duct-free unit gives you a modern, polished look that accents your contemporary lifestyle. Of course, we also work well with ducted installations if that's your thing.

LG Controls LG Any temperature, Any room, Any time


Any temperature, Any room, Any time.

To enhance your way of life, you look for the convenience of connectivity with the rest of the electronics in your home. This is where LG really offers an advantage. Homeowners know LG for our leading-edge home appliances and electronics. Now, our ThinQ app makes for a simple and seamless smart home operation. This gives your family the freedom to control the comfort of each individual area of the home without sacrificing efficiency. You can also connect to both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice-activated comfort and convenience.

LG Flexibility and Freedom


Plays well with your plans.

LG has a variety of solutions that are compatible with your design plans for a retro-fit, remodel or brand new construction. From ducted to duct-free, and even a hybrid of both, LG is unlike conventional HVAC solutions by offering the flexibility and freedom modern projects demand. We have the options to make your environmental control solution conform to your situation, not the other way around.

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