Hydronic innovation by LG

Hydronic innovation by LG

LG's Water Solutions include Inverter Heat Pump Water Heaters, Air-to-Water Heat Pumps, and Hydro Kits. By switching from conventional equipment to a heat pump water solution, your hydronic space heating and domestic hot water applications could have lower energy costs, higher efficiency, and minimal noise for your residential or commercial project.

LG Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater LG Inverter Heat Pump Water Heaters

Inverter Heat Pump Water Heaters

Thanks to LG's innovative technology, the Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater is quiet and energy-efficient, providing you with opportunities to enjoy benefits like easy control, up to 20% more hot water (Turbo Mode), backup heating, and more.

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LG Heat Pump LG Heat Pump - Outdoors

Air-To-Water Heat Pump

LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pump pulls heat from the outside and transfers that to refrigerant. The refrigerant then in turn transfers heat to water for use inside the home, heating your rooms with radiators, baseboards or underfloor heating.

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LG Hydro Kit LG Hydro Kit

Hydro Kit

The LG Hydro Kit solution uses a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger to produce chilled or heated water. The Hydro Kit can be used to preheat domestic water stored in an indirect storage tank, snow melt, in-floor, or other radiant heating solutions. This solution can be used in conjunction with the Single Phase or Three-Phase Multi V Heat Pump or Heat Recovery outdoor units.

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LG Contractor LG Contractor

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Get rebates & incentives on LG HVAC solutions

You could save money on LG HVAC solutions with offers from utilities, federal programs, and state & local governments1.

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