LG Hydro Kit

Introducing the LG Hydro Kit

When you connect an LG Hydro Kit to an LG Multi V outdoor unit, it will provide hot and cold water quickly and easily. Choose between Medium and High Temperature offerings so this all-electric solution can increase cost savings and efficiency.1

How it works

The LG Hydro Kit solution uses a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger to produce chilled or heated water. The Hydro Kit can be used to preheat domestic water stored in an indirect storage tank, snow melt, in-floor, or other radiant heating solutions. This solution can be used in conjunction with the Single Phase or Three-Phase Multi V Heat Pump or Heat Recovery outdoor units.

LG Hydro Kit

In addition, LG Hydro Kits can:

  • Provide hot water with less energy consumption than a conventional boiler. This hot water can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, radiators, floor heating, pools, etc.
  • Connect in a series or parallel for large applications.
  • Eliminate the need for gas connections or oil tanks, which are required when using boilers.
  • Is more compact and easier to install since it does not require exhaust piping.
LG Hydro Kit

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1 Cooling hydronic capabilities is only available with the Medium Temperature Hydro Kit. Cooling availability is not available with the High Temperature Hydro Kit.