LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Stay comfortable with LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pump pulls heat from the outside and transfers that to refrigerant. The refrigerant then in turn transfers heat to water for use inside the home, heating your rooms with radiators, baseboards or underfloor heating.

The flexibility of an LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump

LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pumps use the refrigerant to water heat exchanger with a built-in pump to efficiently provide radiant heating, floor heating and hot water to bring comfort in residential environments.

The advantages of using
an LG Heat Pump


Instead of using fossil fuels, LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pump is powered by electricity contributing to a lower environmental impact.

Control with LG ThinQ®

LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump solutions come equipped with smart controls, which utilize the LG ThinQ® app to monitor and adjust settings remotely right from your smart phone or device.


Because of its energy efficiency, cost-saving incentives may be available when purchasing an LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump. Take advantage of any available government rebates and tax incentives.

LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Smart tech. Smart design.

Achieve the same peak performance in a sleek design with LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pump R32 Monobloc. Using eco-conscious R32 refrigerant, this unit integrates all working components into a single, streamlined, and space-saving solution.

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