Stay comfortable with LGʼs Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

LG’s Air-to-Water Heat Pump uses air as a medium to transfer heat from refrigerant to water. This in turn heats your rooms with radiators, baseboards, or underfloor heating. It can also heat water stored in a hot water tank for your kitchens, showers, and baths.

The flexibility of an LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump

LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pumps use the refrigerant to water heat exchanger with a built-in pump to efficiently provide radiant heating, floor heating and hot water to bring comfort in residential environments.

The advantages of using an LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump

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Instead of using fossil fuels, LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pump is powered by electricity contributing to a lower environmental impact.

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Because of its energy efficiency, cost-saving incentives may be available when purchasing an LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump. Take advantage of any available government rebates and tax incentives.

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Control With LG ThinQ®

LG Air-to-Water Heat Pump solutions come equipped with smart controls, which connect to the LG ThinQ® app through at-home Wi-Fi. This innovative app allows you to monitor and adjust settings remotely right from your smart phone or device.

Smart tech. Smart design.

Achieve the same peak performance in a sleek design with LG's Air-to-Water Heat Pump R32 Monobloc. Using eco-conscious R32 refrigerant, this unit integrates all working components into a single, streamlined, and space-saving solution.

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